Berenice Cardenas

Birthplace: Ciudad de México.

Current residence: Cancún.

Age: 34.

Instagram: bere_viajera

Expert Cancun tour consultant to: 16,500 travelers.


About Berenice:

I am mom to Matias, my five year old son who has inherited my passion to travel and explore the world. As a family we love Cancun activities that allow us to enjoy nature, learn new things and break the routine. 🌴🙂🌊


I studied psychology in Mexico City and I think this really helps me understand the needs and desires of travelers looking to explore the marvels of Cancun and the Riviera Maya. A few years back I discovered my love for capturing happy moments in photography and I enjoy learning and practicing with my camera. 📸😉


Let me share with you all that I love about Cancun and the Riviera Maya! 🌞


My top Cancun day trips:

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