Josue Lopez

Birthplace: Cancún.

Current residence: Cancún.

Age: 25.

Instagram: josue_lopez_cauich

Expert Cancun tour consultant to: 4,642 travelers.


About Josue:

I am a proud descendant of the ancient Maya, my mother was born in a small town in Yucatan and my father is from Tabasco. I really love visiting Mayan ruins sites, though not as much as I love Yucatecan food! "Queso relleno" and "cochinita pibil" are my culinary weaknesses! 😋


✈ I've traveled practically the whole country of Mexico and a few cities in the USA and I can state with confidence that there is NO place (at least not on this side of the planet 🌎) like the southeast of Mexico, where the people are so warm and welcoming to travelers. 🌞


I invite you to get to know more about the Maya culture! Come to Cancun and discover the natural wonders and archaeological sites that are the treasures of the Yucatan Peninsula.



My favorite Cancun tours:

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