Isla Mujeres Tours from Cancun: Embrace the Island Vibes

Ferry to Isla Mujeres? Why not take an Isla Mujeres tour on a catamaran and enjoy the Caribbean Sea with open bar, a buffet lunch at a beach club, and a downtown Isla Mujeres tour included? Swim with dolphins on Isla Mujeres and explore the gorgeous Garrafon Park! Don't miss a day trip to Isla Mujeres from Cancun on your next beach vacation.

Discover incredible Isla Mujeres tours from Cancun!

Isla Mujeres is a laid-back tropical island just across the bay from Cancun. For its turquoise waters and white sandy beaches, the Mexican Caribbean is an ideal destination for an Isla Mujeres tour from Cancun! Visitors will have the pleasure of a cruise across the crystal-clear sea to this island paradise.

Visitors to Cancun can take the Isla Mujeres ferry to the island but it's far more fun and economical to take an Isla Mujeres tour! With the ferry to Isla Mujeres price included PLUS your food, drinks and expert guides, it’s the worry-free way to spend the day on this tropical island paradise. 

Whether you choose to have fun at Garrafon Isla Mujeres and swim with dolphins, enjoy an Isla Mujeres snorkeling tour or simply relax in a beach club, your island time is a great time to reconnect with nature and family.

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We've handpicked the very best Isla Mujeres excursions including swimming with dolphins near Cancun, a party boat catamaran cruise, or an all-inclusive Garrafon Park Isla Mujeres tour

Snorkeling in Isla Mujeres is a breathtaking experience, don your mask and fins and discover the magic of the reef!

Don't just take the ferry to Isla Mujeres, take an Isla Mujeres tour to get the most out of your precious time and money! Walking tours, kayaks, bicycles, shopping and dining, snorkeling and diving, we have an Isla Mujeres day trip for every type of traveler. 

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