Top 6 cenotes tour in Cancún and Riviera Maya

Cenotes Tours

The state of Quintana Roo is a place that is characterized by its nature and a large number of cenotes of incomparable beauty and many of them are just a few minutes from Tulum, which in the same way this beautiful city is home to a famous pre-Columbian Mayan city. These are The 6 least explored cenotes you must know

Every day more people come from around the world to visit this extensive cave system. The water can reach a depth of between 10 and 30 meters. You will also find shallow or shallow cenotes where swimmers and snorkellers can safely have fun.

The crystalline waters will allow you to admire ancient caves, some areas still retain their stone dome

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What is a cenote?

A cenote is a formation in the ground that houses fresh water from the aquifers, these formations or bodies of water are found throughout the Yucatan Peninsula. In the Mexican Caribbean you can find countless of them and different types of in the Ruta de los Cenotes in Puerto Morelos. There are different types or classifications.

Types of Cenotes.

Open cenote that is in sight housing crystal clear water, an example of these cenotes is the Cenote Azul.

Semi open cenotes of which a part remains hidden under the ground and another part remains open and visible like the Cenote ik kil and its crystalline waters.

Closed or underground cenote, which are in caves and provide a great experience to visitors, the most famous example of this type is the Cenote Suytun.

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