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Pablo Hernández

Birthplace: Cancún.

Current residence: Cancún.

Age: 21.

Instagram: pablo_hernandez_c 

Expert Cancun tour consultant to: 5,292 travelers.


About Pablo:

I'm working hard to be a commercial airline pilot in one year when I complete my studies, enjoying Cancun tours while I learn! 🛫 I LOVE adrenaline and extreme sports and Cancun adventures. Apart from admiring the blue tones of the Caribbean Sea and the intense green of the jungle from the air, one of my favorite things in life is taking my bike on an adventure through the jungle with my best friends. 🚲


I loooove speed, the feel of a powerful ATV or jet ski engine drives me CRAZY, that's why they're the Cancun activities that I always recommend to travellers. My bucket list includes skydiving (again!), bungee jumping and an acrobatic flight (at least as a passenger if not pilot!). 🙃


I'm always looking for new things to do! I invite you to join me on the exciting side of Cancun! 😎


My favorite Cancun adventures:

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