Entrance to Chocolate + Cenote + Honey Experience Sanctuary


Entrance to Chocolate + Cenote + Soap Experience Sanctuary
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  •  Duration: Half Day
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Our Tour to the sanctuary of the bees with chocolate experience will begin when you pass by to the hotel where one of our experience expert will give you instruction on the experiences that you will live this day.

Our adventure will begin when we arrive at our sanctuary where one of our shamans will bless you to enter the jungle where our sanctuary is located, we remind you that this blessing is to be able to thank the ancient spirits of chocolate and honey for improving the experience.

Our expert chocolatiers will give us a tour through the history of Mayan cocoa and how the seeds were used as a bargaining chip to buy slaves, we will also learn the process to create our own chocolate from roasting the seeds, peeling them and grinding them into the metates. even choosing to add our favorite ingredient to make a personal chocolate mix.

At the end of this chocolate experience, we will take a workshop on the conservation of the Maya bee, the only bee in the world that does not have a stinger, so our sanctuary seeks to preserve it, and the honey it produces has a unique flavor and is considered As a medicinal, you can also participate in the collection of honey and learn about its many uses, you will make soaps and candles with honey with your own hands and you can take one of these products to your home.

When we finish with these experiences we can go on to taste a gourmet meal based on honey and chocolate where your sense of taste and your stomach will thank you for this experience.

Finally you can swim in a cenote with sacred waters to regain strength and vitality, legend has it that with each swim you will increase your life by one or two years, after this you will be able to visit the archaeological zone of coba and climb Nohoch Muul one of the few pyramids in the region that still allow climbing.

After all this adventure you will return with a different way of seeing the life of the Mayans and you will return knowing that you helped the conservation of bees in the world.

Tour Includes:

  • Entrance to Chocolate Sanctuary
  • Cenote Swim
  • Life Vest
  • Soap workshop
  • Gourmet Food with Cocoa and Honey
  • Free Time at the Sanctuary

Does not include:

  • Transportation
  • Drinks
  • Lockers
  • Souvenirs
  • Tips
  • Honey Workshop
  • Tour of the archaeological zone of Coba

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