Join the Selvatica Park Cancun Tribe

Are you ready for an extraordinary day of adventure in the Riviera Maya? Selvatica Park Cancun brings you the BEST extreme adventures in the jungle with the fastest and most exciting ziplines in Cancun, speedy ATV fun down jungle trails and a beautiful sacred cenote to refresh yourself and take a daring leap. 

Selvatica Park Cancun Ziplines and More!

The best Cancun activities with the BEST guides around! Selvatica Park Cancun welcomes you to the tribe, from the moment you enter the jungle you become part of something incredible. Deep in the jungle of Puerto Morelos you'll be immersed in a wild world of Cancun ziplines, ATVs and a gorgeous sacred cenote. This is a truly EPIC day of adventure! 

Selvatica Park Cancun brings you the very best extreme adventures in a natural and sustainable environment. Every effort is made to preserve the natural beauty of the jungle, you'll be invited to participate in the "Seed of Life" program by planting your own seed, adding to the over 300000 trees already planted by Selvatica's program! By becoming a member of the Selvatica tribe you automatically contribute to the community programs they manage like the "Manos de Apoyo" (Helping Hands) program that brings sporting gear and education to former juvenile gang members. 

Be part of something special, join the Selvatica Cancun tribe!

The #1 tour in Cancun!

Trip Advisor ranks Selvatica Park Cancun as the number one Cancun excursion and we couldn't agree more! The highest standards of safety, a commitment to sustainability and truly, the most fun you'll have on your Cancun vacation. The only warning we have is that your face may hurt from smiling and laughing so much! 

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