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Awaken Your Senses and Challenge Your Perceptions at Xenses Park!

At Xenses Park you will enjoy a combination of natural landscapes with optical illusions and stimuli of all kinds! From aromatherapy to contrasting colors, enigmatic sounds, and numerous attractions that will alter your perception of space and time, Xenses Park will make your jaw drop.

Xenses: Experience an Extraordinary Sensorial Park in Cancun

Xenses Park is the most recent addition to the Experiencias Xcaret family of attractions. Located just south of Playa del Carmen beside Xcaret, Xenses Park promises an extraordinary experience that challenges your mind, your body and your perceptions of the universe.

Xenses Park brings you 15 unique and interactive experiences, taking you on a journey through air, water and land to stimulate your senses. Visual puns, optical illusions, and fantastic scenarios rule in this fantasy world, prepare for a sensorial adventure and become a Xensei at Xenses Xcaret. Bring your suits and refresh on a the waterslide and fly over the jungle canopy on the Bird Flight zipline too!

Experience a world of sensations and harmonize your senses, defy perceptions and awaken the adventurer within at Xenses theme park.

Xenses Park: The Most Fantastic Cancun Adventure!

Xenses Mexico is a sister park of Xcaret and Xel Ha, but it offers a completely different experience: here you will enter a place taken out of a dream.

After your visit at Xenses Park you will see and feel nature in a way you've never experienced before! Some of the attractions that will blow your mind at Xenses Xcaret are The Path of Dwarfs and Giants, The Eden, and The Mud River.

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