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Coba Tours

The mayan ruins of Coba is one of the most important sites of the mayn culture.

The Mayan ruins at Coba are unique in that they have been restored. This quiet and peaceful archaeological site dates from 600-900 A.D, Coba was the heart of a large metropolis composed of many cities within the eastern Yucatan Peninsula. One of the most important mayan culture cities because it is a city and a religious centre at the same time, and no one another mayan city have this privilege.

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Coba Tours

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A few hours drive from the Riviera Maya, Mexico's main tourist attraction, is the root of the prophecy. It is the old city of Coba, within which is the stone stele is inscribed with the 'fateful' date: December 21, 2012. One day around that have developed interpretations of all kinds, from the alarmist to speak of the end of the universe, the more cautious, which allude to a change of cycle marked by natural disasters. 
 Abelardo Chimal May, an expert in this archaeological park, and knowledgeable about their own culture committed to the second version: This stele, the most important of Maya society, listed as the end of the Mayan priests writing at that time or as the end of their culture at the hands colonization, tells us it will change the world as we know, mentally, and spiritually, and humanly, but not the ultimate end. This discreet man, indigenous features, not to panic, but warns that other prophecies of their ancestors were served: In 1520 the Mayans predicted that an unknown man was coming from somewhere far away, bringing with it problems. And so it happened, the mysterious man was Hernán Cortés, who arrived on horseback with the Spanish colonists. 
 A few miles from Coba, in the center of the Yucatan Peninsula, lies the Maya community of Tres Reyes. There the chaman Eloy, rises to the extreme predictions and provides some tangible clues: the date will be preceded by two or three days of darkness. The effect it has on us will depend on how we are spiritually prepared, he says at the door of the adobe house in which just officiate a ceremony. There will be sunshine and the trees are dry. We will live an energy shift of mindset, and while some will panic, the more prepared not scared. Nobody can say exactly how it will be or when to begin, there is room for 72 hours, but we still have time to prepare spiritually. No matter that you believe in God, he says. 
 In the Yucatan peninsula today live many Mayan communities that function as cooperatives, in which everyone seems to have knowledge of the prophecy. What it says is that the world of hatred and materialism will end in December 2012. That day mankind will have to choose between disappearing as a thinking species that threatens to destroy the planet or move towards harmonious integration with the universe and spirituality to coexist in harmony, says Herman, an Maya artisan who offers tourists objects made in their community located in the middle of the jungle and is knowledgeable on the subject by tradition and ancient culture, and they care for and preserve such knowledge for more than a millennium. David Cememay expert archaeological site of Chichen Itza, one of the new seven wonders of the world showing the splendor of the old civilization, is intended to introduce the subject of mathematics roots. The Maya had a great knowledge of the movement of the sun, moon and stars and so predicting the weather or how they were going out the crops. 
The Maya have lifecycles of 52 years, who organized the time of crops and building. They said that with each cycle starting a new life. On December 21, 2012 will end a cycle of 'long count', which began on August 11, 3114 a. C., and that does not mean the end of the world, but that will change the weather and earth, spirituality and way of relating between human beings he adds. 
And to prove the veracity of his theories, the endless lists of climate change we are experiencing. The Mayan predictions are being fulfilled, is increasing the temperature of the earth, the poles are melting and the crops are altered. As we near the end of the cycle these changes will become more apparent, he said.

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sightseeing tours cancun riviera maya

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