Aktun Chen Park: Great Adventures in the Jungle


Ecotourism and adrenaline in one fabulous place! Aktun Chen Natural Park is a nature reserve in the jungle just waiting for you to explore. Choose the Riviera Maya activities you love, ziplining, snorkeling in the Aktun Chen cenote and exploring the caves of Aktun Chen to create the perfect day trip! 

Aktun Chen Cenote & Caves: Expedition to the Heart of the Jungle

Aktun Chen Natural Park is a nature reserve located in the Riviera Maya, just north of Tulum, Mexico. With its lush jungle setting, it's the perfect place to embrace your inner Tarzan or Jane as you explore! Passionate about sustainable tourism in Mexico? Aktun Chen offers a great place to learn about the conservation and preservation of  our natural spaces and the importance of being an "eco-tourist".

The park's main attraction are the caves and the Aktun Chen cenote, spectacular stalactites and stalagmites decorate the chambers and will leave you in awe of nature’s beauty. The guided tour of Aktun Chen caves is simply out of this world and has been named “One of the 10 Best Underground Walks” by National Geographic! Aktun Chen cenote offers a great chance for a refreshing swim and memorable snorkeling.

Lovers of extreme adventures will not want to miss the chance to fly on the best Riviera Maya ziplines! Ten exciting ziplines take you over the jungle canopy at full speed, the wind in your hair and the lush flora rushing by, heart racing and a giant smile on your face.

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