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Airbnb and Alternatives to Hotels in Tulum

Now Airbnb at Tulum to stay the night instead of at a Hotel, there are many options to enjoy 100% without spending a lot of money and stay near of theTulum beach.


Tulum beach private tour

Of the options that exist are the famous villages, with kitchen, living room, dining room and two bedrooms. With a beautiful terrace where you can breathe and listen to the murmurs of the jungle with restaurant service if you prefer.

Villages in Tulum

An example is a place called Cachito de Cielo, which as its name says it all. You really are in a hidden and jungle place with a super relaxing atmosphere and there are only five apartments in this place that guarantee tranquility and comfort. So that you can internalize yourself. Enjoying nature like the little explored cenotes of the Mayan zone.

Tulum Hostels

Hostels are also a very economical option to visit the magical place of  Airbnb at Tulum. With its beautiful white sands and its ancient history of the Mayans. Tulum was the most important port of the time through which they crossed to Cozumel. Taking its fresh products that were distributed throughout the coast and even to Coba and Chichen Itza very close to Chococaco Maya.
Staying in a hostel in Tulum is wonderful when you want to meet more people from other parts of the world. The rooms have 20 beds and very clean common bathrooms. We suggest the Hostal Beehive Holistika Tulum. Truly special. It also has massage areas to heal the body with incredibly spectacular aromas and sounds. It is a fabulous experience

Airbnb at Tulum

The vacation rental consists of apartments and houses that allow you to live like a local. Enjoying the atmosphere and environment of the locals who know the secrets of Tulum, its cenotes, archaeological sites, lakes and natural, organic and vegan foods. Another well-kept secret in Tulum is its relaxation and meditation customs that have become world famous.

A well-known place that has been populated with luxury apartments to offer accommodation to tourists is La Veleta

It is a neighborhood that has access to beautiful cenotes very close to the residential area. In addition to turquoise lakes, visitors who love snorkeling will find many colorful fish and beautiful underwater scenes. 

Another top options are inside Aldea Zama. Known for their luxury apartments with fully equipped kitchen, private pool, king bed. Not so far from the downtown Tulum. If you like the garden view in a shared pool, or do a bike ride, and taste a private chef, then vacation rental in Tulum could be your best choice.


Living in Paradise… for a few days

Imagine living in this paradise that has vegan and organic restaurants and even naturist supermarkets where you will find things to take to your apartment and cook what you like the most.

La Veleta is located between Kukulcan and Palenque streets, easily reached by car or on foot. It is also well known for its fine restaurants and elegant cafes.

If you asked me what I would choose to have fun for about 10 days in Tulum. I would definitely choose an apartment in La Veleta close to everything and living like a local.