Boulevard Kukulcan Km. 9 Lotes 9 y 9A1, Zona Hotelera, Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

activities in bacalar

What you can do at Bacalar?

Bacalar, this Magic Town of Quintana Roo, is located in the south of its territory about 40 km north of the capital, Chetumal. Next to a beautiful lagoon better known as the lagoon of the seven colors. There you will find the perfect place to dive, swim and snorkel.

It is a very small town that was founded by the Mayans. It was abandoned for a long time and later repopulated, the Spanish established where it would later be their most important settlement on the eastern coast in the year 1630. During the 18th century it was the object of several attacks by pirates, who wanted to control this place to stay with it. local market. So a fortification was built and the fort of San Felipe, which today is a tourist attraction that can be visited. The town of Bacalar was left in ruins. During the Caste War, it was not until the XIX century when it was repopulated again. Book this private tour

The Bacalar Lagoon

Although the Lagoon is the most important attraction. Because it is also worth visiting the Fort of San Felipe that was used in other times to defend the city from the pirate attacks. And where history can now be seen in the Pirate Museum.

Beautiful Cenotes

Now if your thing is to swim in the famous sacred cenotes, you cannot miss visiting Cocalitos in this place.  You can also see the stromatolites. There is also the Cenote Negro. This is inside the lagoon and that divers point out that it is deeper than Bacalar with 90 meters. Finally, the Cenote Azul and Esmeralda will captivate you for its flora and fauna that surrounds it.

The Magic town

In the central square of Bacalar you can find a number of handicrafts made by hand.  And made with sacred woods such as Ciricote. A type of resistant and black wood, along with pieces made of red mahogany.

And of course, in Bacalar you will find a wide variety of hotels for all budgets. Some of them with more than 90 places to stay comfortably. There are a total of 1500 rooms ranging from luxury hotels, boutique hotels, to beautiful cabins and bungalows.

The best Season to Visit

You may wonder what are the best months to go to Bacalar? The climate is really favorable all year round. However from October to April I consider it to be enjoyed more. Because the heat is not as intense yet and the rainy season has not yet begun. From May to September it is the rainy and hurricane season. And not always, but sometimes there are affectations that could affect your vacation. Either way, you will enjoy it, but if it rains or clouds you cannot appreciate the tones of the water so much.

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