Avenida Bonampak 73, Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Sailing activities

There are many types of boats to sailing in which you can enjoy with family as a couple or friends. There are from small boats to luxurious yachts. It is a very special way to know the wonders that the Mexican Caribbean has. And they have become the favorite rides of many people.

Sailing in Group

For example, if you want to sail in a group. Without a doubt the best option is on board a catamaran. They regularly leave the marinas in Cancun. In these you have the opportunity to stop at different points to snorkel. Places that you will love when you see nature take over these spectacular coral reefs.

Private Sailing tour

Now if you want to take a more private tour perhaps with your family or partner. The best option is on board a yacht. These offer unbeatable comfort, most of them are super-equipped with a living room, kitchen, audio equipment, minibar among other things. They also offer food and beverage service on board that will make you enjoy every minute on board. Knowing the coast of Isla Mujeres and stopping at North Beach to swim or snorkel is something that you should not miss when renting the yacht.

Another type of boat that is also very worthwhile is on board a speedboat. These regularly carry no more than 10 people including the crew. And are used regularly to take groups to see the coral reefs, it is an economical way but that it is also worth it.

 And finally there are the galleons. These offer night rides with dinner and show. They are different rides, but with a lot of demand since sailing at night in the light of the moon turns the ride into something very romantic. I highly recommend doing it as a couple, many people do it to celebrate their anniversary especially.