Avenida Bonampak 73, Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

activities in Cancun

The beauty of its white sand beaches of Cancun, its turquoise blue sea, its reefs, the ancestral wealth of the Mayan culture.  Lagoons, cenotes and jungle, as well as the first-rate hotel infrastructure make Cancun as the most important destination in Mexico and great recognition worldwide. With the best excursions.

In addition to being able to enjoy the best beaches, there are many activities that can be done. From boat rides to snorkel or diving to yacht trips. And visit archaeological sites such as Chichen Itza, Tulum or Coba.

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Not an Expensive destination

Many people have the idea that Cancun is an expensive destination. but if they plan their vacations in advance by comparing prices they will realize that they can find places that suit their budget. In fact, it is common to see entire families of 10 or 15 members, enjoying all the activities that the destination offers. Many of these families are choosing to stay in vacation homes. Which is a very good idea, although if what you want is to see the Caribbean Sea from your room, I recommend you stay in the hotel zone.

Party until dawn

Most of the nightlife is concentrated in the hotel zone. Places such as coco bongo, the city, and some others, so if you are thinking of going out. The party center is the right place there you will find places for all tastes.

The Best Season to Book

Visiting seasons will tell us if prices increase or decrease a little. That is, it depends a lot on the season in which you want to travel to know on average how much money you will spend. As a result we find a high occupancy in seasons such as Christmas, Easter and summer. As well as a low season between September and October. Ultimately it is not a rule but it is a very noticeable trend. We recommend you book your excursions in advance, so you will save more money.

Outstanding Gastronomy in Cancun

In Cancun you will also find prestigious restaurants. Where you can taste from regional dishes to a variety of international cuisine.

Something that is very worth visiting, are the archaeological sites in day tours. The best way to know them is by hiring them with a tourist company. Since it always includes a tour guide that will make your visit more culturally rich. The most remote is Chichen Itzá, which is 3 hours from Cancun. Tulum is 2 hours and Coba is 2 hours 30 minutes. In Coba I suggest you visit Chococacao, a place that you will love since there is a cenote.  And you can also get to know a little about melipona honey and Mayan cacao, something that you cannot miss.