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Cancun weather proof tours

The Cancun weather, Costa Mujeres, and in general, the climate in the Riviera Maya is the same. The entire Yucatan Peninsula is the same region. It is the tropical climate of the Mexican Caribbean. The weather conditions can change every minute, it can rain like the end of the world for 3 minutes and immediately return to the usual intense sun, or it can rain for 3 days. Everything can happen, however, everything can be foreseen. 

Cancun Weather proof tours

When the weather in the Mexican Caribbean is unfavorable, the first thing the authorities do is close the ports. So the only activities that are usually canceled are those that involve using a port. Whether it’s ferry navigation between islands and boat rides or yacht and catamaran tours. But there are plenty of weather-proof tours out there. 


What to do with cloudy or rainy weather in Cancun?

Fortunately, it is a tourist destination with a wide variety of activities. When it is cloudy in Cancun it seems that your visit will be ruined, however, there are surprises and options up your sleeve that can surprise you and lead you to more adventures. That is why it is a destination with such a good reputation since you will never get bored.

Archaeological Zones

The Mayan Ruins such as Tulum, Coba, and Chichen Itza are ideal to visit when the weather is cloudy in Cancun. In this type of activity or tour, the sun and heat are usually a factor of wear and tear. So a cloudy sky will make your visit more pleasant and allow you to better enjoy the explanations of the certified guides. Even if it rains you can use an umbrella and continue with your visit and activities without problems. After all, you don’t get the chance to visit the seventh wonder of the world every day. Right? Book your tours here.

Cenotes with Rainy Weather

The cenotes, whether underground or open, are an excellent option to visit and enjoy even when it is raining, their waters do not carry currents like rivers, so they do not offer risks when swimming in them with the rain. The cenotes are famous for being beautiful even in the rain. Their crystal clear waters are found throughout the subsoil of the region. 

Unless it’s some storm that could cause flooding. But that situation can be prevented thanks to the current weather system and it would hardly take us by surprise. 

ATVS and Zip Lines in the Mayan Jungle

The ATVs are another option for weather-proof tours since a little rain will only make your journey on board an ATV through the Mayan jungle more fun and exciting, crossing huge puddles of mud and mud that will make you feel more alive than ever It will be your baptism of adventures! Book your ATV tour here.

The zip lines also offer a great alternative since the rains are not an obstacle to being able to slide through the trees at full speed and appreciate many animal species of the region that are happy to cool off in this weather. The Mayan jungle will seem to be more alive with the rain, receiving water from the sky in harmony with the wind and the song of all the birds. Book your zipline tour here.

Design your own private tour

One of the most sought-after options is a private tour to have a van or truck as well as an experienced guide. This way you will be able to know all the hidden places where the local inhabitants usually enjoy good food. Do their shopping or visit hidden gems from the rest of the tourists. So, we are talking about jewels such as the small town of Puerto Morelos. Playa del Carmen and Fifth Avenue. The hotel zone of Tulum where you can see the giant sculpture Ven a la Luz. Cloudy or rainy weather will not be able to stop your best vacations.

Another Cancun Weatherproof Tours

In addition to the outdoor tours, you can also opt for indoor activities and experiences, a good example is our Mexican gastronomy tour with the Taco Tour Cancun, where you can enjoy the original Mexican tacos and have a cold beer on a very Mexican night.

Taco tour in Cancun

If you are a lover of trying new things, you can attend the natural workshops of Chococacao Maya where you will make your own honey soap in addition to trying 100% natural foods after swimming in the beautiful cenote. Book your visit.

Coba Vegan Food Options