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How to get Chichen Itza from Cancun?

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how far chichen itza to Cancun is?

Chichen itza pyramid

Chichen Itza from Cancun is a famous tour adventure to visit this site known worldwide for the play of light and shadow that occurs on each Equinox. On the steps of the pyramidal base known as El Castillo. In this, the sun, as it rises over the horizon, illuminates the western rafter of the basement. Creating triangles of light and shadow that seem to descend to the serpent’s head in the rudeness of the railing. This event, achieved from the correct orientation and inclination of the planes of the basement. Shows the great level of astronomical and architectural knowledge that the Mayans possessed. And which has resulted in being one of the most studied cultures and regions around these issues. In addition to the territorial political organization and the exploitation of resources. Chronology 525 to 1200 AD. C. Main chronological location: Early Postclassic 900 to 1200 AD. C.

Chichen Itza Tour

The pyramid of Kukulcán rises with geometric precision in the middle of an esplanade that a thousand years ago was the political, religious and cultural center of the Mayan empire.



In fact, this building is also known as the Snail because of the spiral shape hidden inside the building. Another interesting detail of the building are the walls. Its wall were oriented towards Venus planet and other stars. The observation made in this buildings were very intuitive and were carried out without any type of apparatus.

venus platform

The main buildings of its time of maximum splendor. And that you should not miss when visiting Chichen-itza are: Temple of the warriors, with the impressive group of thousand columns. Also the observatory, also called the Caracol. The Kukulkan pyramid, the Tzompantli ball court. 

sacred Cenote


Besides if you are on vacation somewhere on the Yucatan peninsula. Basically this tour is absolutely a must! As it is the most important representation of the wonderful Mayan World. And its the seventh wonder of the world.

Finally there are many ways to get there, but without a doubt the most recommended is on a private or shared tour, since you will save time and money.