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What to do Tulum Ruins?

Did you know that Tulum ruins are an archaeological site built off the coast of the Tulum? Its original name is Zama which means “place where the sun is born” or sunrise. And it is justified since every morning you can see how the sun is born. Tulum is the new name, it is the name given by archaeologists let’s say it is the name After the conquest. This place was built between 900 and 1200 AD. According to archaeologists, Tulum was not a Mayan city. Is rather considered a ceremonial center that also functioned as a commercial port due to its proximity to the sea.

Tulum archaeological site, is a small but very interesting place. In fact it is the second most visited site in the Yucatan peninsula. Many people who visit it wonder the reason for the wall. Here I will tell you, remember that for the Mayans the social class It was very important. Within the walled enclosure only the upper class or the ruling class lived. Let’s say that people who had a certain rank or some education. For example, people who had knowledge of mathematics, astronomy etc. Lived inside and outside the enclosure the lower class lived as farmers, small artisans, hunters among others.

preserved temples


Tulum ruins In front of the sea

Temple of the descending God of the best preserved. In the center at the top you can see a head character (descending) in this temple also happens the winter equinox of December 21. Remember that the Mayans measure time Through the equinoxes and solstices, that was the only way to know when to sow when to reap etc. Everything was reflected in the structures.

In front of the archaeological site you can see where the wave breaks. That is precisely where the leverage reef is located, the 2nd most important in the world. In fact it is the only side where it was not necessary to build a wall since there is that natural protection that is the reef of coral. That is, the entrance to Tulum was completely controlled both by sea and  land.

Getting to Tulum is very easy, there are many options  that you can take, comfortably and with all hygiene measures.