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Where to get the best selfie in Tulum?

Thousands of tourists arrive daily to get the best selfies in Tulum and the Rivera Maya to enjoy their exotic natural spots and capture unforgettable moments in their hearts, but also on their social networks. Here you will find the most emblematic points of Tulum where you must capture monumental selfies that will captivate your followers. Take our tour

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Visit the sculpture Come into light at the Tulum hotel zone

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Follow That Dream Sign

This point is located south of the hotel zone of Tulum, it is a standard road sign with the legend “Follow That Dream“, emotionally it is an excellent message since you find it very casual while riding a bicycle on an avenue full of clubs of beach and small boutique hotels by the sea. You can photograph yourself riding a bike or walking hand in hand with your partner or your best friends. The right people in the right place will make for great photography.

follow that dream



Stay in Coba Near Tulum

Selina Hotel Entrance

Take advantage of the route in the hotel zone and visit another great point of interest to get a majestic selfie in Tulum at the entrance of the Selina hotel, which is similar to the Kanan Hotel, however, the difference in materials and the style of assembly provide esthetic and colorful options. So you can test your best compositions before taking the winner’s photo. By now you must be tired from pedaling so much. Soon you will be able to cool off at Matcha Mama.

Selina hotel
Selina Hotel in Tulum Hotel Zone

Matcha Mama Selfie

This point is a small business of cold drinks such as smoothies, kombuchas, ice cream, and other remedies for the heat of the Mexican Caribbean. But the most important thing is the rustic swings that they have in front of the small palapa of the place. It is very close to the Follow That Dream sign, on the same avenue in the hotel zone of Tulum. So you can take the opportunity to visit 2 or more places in the same lap

Matcha Mama Selfie in Tulum
Matcha Mama Tulum

Safer Ik Gallery

There is no more beautiful, exotic, unique, and exclusive hotel than the Hotel Azulik in Tulum. This hotel is the most impressive and private you will find in the area, however, it has an art gallery called Sefer Ik which you can enter completely free of charge to marvel at the shapes, finishes, and atmosphere of this hotel. It will be one of your best posts for Instagram.

Art Gallerie Sfer Ik in Azulik hotel
Hotel Azulik

Playa Paraiso In Tulum

Surely you have seen on the internet, a photograph of a paradisiacal Caribbean beach where there are very cool leaning palm trees. Well, this is the beach you had seen. Playa Paraíso is a spacious and very clean place where you can receive the sunset framed by these peculiar palm trees and the beautiful beach of Tulum. Your photos could take on very interesting colors at sunset. 

selfie in Playa Paraiso Tulum

Photography in the sculpture Coming into Light

We leave the best for last. The mother of all selfies in the Riviera Maya. The photo in the sculpture Ven a la Luz in Tulum. This sculpture located in the Ahau hotel is the most sought-after to be photographed. You will notice that when you arrive, there will surely be a line of people waiting for their turn to have their opportunity to capture a great moment and a spectacular photograph.

escultura madre tierra ven a la luz
Visit the sculpture Come into light at Tulum hotel zone (1 hr.)

If you go by car on your own, it will be difficult to find parking, and the few parking spaces you will find will be expensive. For this Selfie in Tulum. Ideally, you do the visit on a private tour that can take you and an experienced driver takes care of the vehicle while you take care of pointing the camera. Another option is to leave your car in the urban center of Tulum and take public transportation to get to the hotel zone for your photo quest. Visit these places in a Tulum Private Tour

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Selfie in a Tulum Beach Club