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How to Camping in Tulum or Coba at Sanctuary and Raw Cacao

Ecotourism is to appreciate the natural wealth of each place in the world. Feel it and live it as a unique experience in the Sanctuary of the Melipona bee and the Cacao Maya. See ourselves reflected in lakes, caverns, caves, coves, cenotes, and more. For nature lovers, marvel at this sanctuary full of colors and flavors with Mayan heritage.

A Unique Experience

It is a unique space in the world, it does not have a sting. So it is not poisonous or dangerous, on the contrary, it is very docile. This special bee was worshiped by the Mayans. There was even a god dedicated to her care Ah mizen kaab. Her honey of course is rare and very valuable for its medicinal properties.

melipona bee in human fingers

The Melipona Bee Sanctuary

Although it does not officially have the title of Natural Sanctuary by CONANP. The Sanctuary of the melipona bee and Mayan raw cacao in Coba. It has earned its name because they teach visitors to preserve this unique species in the world. The Melipona Maya Bee. Throughout the year. The inhabitants of the community of Cobá are in charge of protecting them. Finally they harvesting the honey in a very careful way to later make derivative, medicinal and personal care products. The best experience is to personally meet these animals and participate in the production processes.

In this Mayan Sanctuary we take care of and protect the melipona bee. In addition to helping to improve the serious situation of the melipona bee

Very Medicinal honey

In coba you can enjoy a journey through time from ancestral times to the present. Recognizing the characteristics of this stingless species and the properties of its exquisite honey. There are a series of elements that characterize the sanctuaries. 

Mayan women in charge of caring for and protecting the melipona bee
Mayan woman carving trunk to build shelters for Melipona bees