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5 Unique Experiences in Holbox Mexico

How to get to Holbox?

To visit the island of Holbox Mexico, it is highly recommended to do it on excursions that depart from Cancun or Riviera Maya. It is more comfortable in Vans or trucks with air conditioning. And a nice guide who will explain to you during the journey what will happen on this wonderful excursion that will make you very happy during your vacation in the Mexican Caribbean. 

A private tour is the best way to reach this destination.

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What to do in Holbox mexico?

To begin with, it will be important to take advantage of the day to leave early from the place where you are staying with a good breakfast, ready to travel the distance of 61 kilometers that is very fast to the port of Chiquilá, which is the place where we will board a ferry to the island of de Holbox and it takes only 30 minutes to get to the beautiful island.

Hammocks like no other in Holbox

The hammocks hung inside the crystalline sea placed between two woods. They are the feeling of the place and one of the most iconic attractions on the island. Since you have to be relaxed with your feet touching the water lying in a hammock, resting with a view of the horizon in the ocean. It is a great experience 

hammocks in holbox

Sunset in Holbox

Then if you have a sunset or sunset in Isla de las conchas, accompanied by some cold or cold beers. It is the experience that tourists who visit our Caribbean paradise enjoy the most.

hammocks sunset at holbox

The Flavors of Holbox

The island of Holbox Mexico is also well known for the famous Lobster Pizza, a creation originally from the island. This delicacy has pleased many very demanding palates worldwide. Although it may seem incredible to you, there are travelers who only travel to Holbox to try this exquisite lobster pizza. 

Lobster Pizza from Holbox

Ride a Golf Cart

You can also rent a beach golf cart. This is the most common transportation system on the island. Taking advantage of the cart, you must visit Punta Cocos. This is the most beautiful beach on the island. To get there you will have to go through the entire town.

Take the opportunity to visit Art Street is a great set of murals that inspire the place by great by local artists who put their soul in each wall so that visitors can appreciate their works. On the other hand, you will find a good atmosphere that street vendors put on it offering very original food and crafts.

If you want to know more little-explored islands near Holbox, there are two more that are called. Isla de la Pasión and Isla Pájaros. Where you can observe the great animal variety in colorful birds. Flamingos and many species that come to rest in this area.


Enjoy the almost virgin island of the Mexican Caribbean on an all-inclusive tour.

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