Avenida Bonampak 73, Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Travel as a Local

How to save money in a travel as a local for your vacations with your family


If you want to enjoy your vacations and at the same time safe money as if you were a local following the recommendation of a family with many children of different ages. Johan (18), Megan (12) Mackenzie and Meredith (4) that will help you to know better the best places you can visit with your family in Cancún, Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Tulum, Isla Mujeres and Cozumel.

The reason why we would like to share this top secret with you is to help you find the tours and activities of Cancún as if you were a local.

We understand that travel as a local with the whole family is the best but it is also a huge challenge because we have to cover with the expenses of all the family, generally we like to go to attractions and places that we see in the internet. At the news or maybe because a friend recommend to visit here in Cancun or in Riviera Maya.

Family  picture in cancun

Awarded by National Geographic

But they never notice about great places that many times are visit by the local people that are very attractive. So much that National Geographic award them. Just like Aktunchen that is well known as one of the best underground walks in the world.

The reason to share with you this place is because we would like you to know that you can get the opportunity to know this place and travel as a local, satisfying your desire to get a cultural. Ecological and extreme tour, all in one. So with this you can enjoy 3 different experiences at the price of 1 and all of this in the same day, with this, your family will finish the day very happy and with a great experience to remember.

Mayan Zoo

Once you arrive to this place they will receive you in a cabin in the middle of the mayan jungle where you will be surprised by a Mayan Zoo. You will be able to get to know a lot of regional animals. I am very sure that your family will love to see them just like my family did. Just like my little girls where fascinated and   where surprised by getting the opportunity to see those animal from so a short distance.

All this animals are in protected areas and are in a sanctuary where they are well cared and they feel so safe that they are not afraid of the visitors.

Under Water Cenotes

We also visit the caves that are recommended by National Geographic. Where we all get impressed with the underground lake and with the secrets of this place that the guides will tell you and you will also get very impressed. Its very important to remind you that this water is the same that the let the mayan communities to live. That’s why they always thank and also ask to all the visitors to please keep this place clean and that’s why in this part of the tour you wont get the chance to swim, but don’t worry. You will get that chance later.

You will also get the chance to climb up the trees and use the zip lines. In this activity you will be always be accompanied by 2 professional guides will special equipment so you can feel safe during all the activity. The guides are very respectful, helpful a will always help you to enjoy the activity. This was the first time for me and my family in a zip line and it was amazing.

Siwm and Travel as a Local

At the end of the day we didn’t want to miss the chance of swimming in such a beautiful water. So we get to this beautiful cenote that is destinated for this activity. Where you will be able to see hundreds of little fishes that you will be able to see and share a moment with in the clean water of this beautiful cenote.

It is very important to mention that this park have an awesome place where you will be able to enjoy de best food. With a lot of regional gastronomic delights, personally I can recommend you fish. But if you don’t like fish that much you will have many other options to enjoy.

By last but not least I will like to give you some other recommendations. First of all is important that tell you that well. You will always hear that is better to get to the places by your own but this is not always the best option. Because this means that you will have to take care of every single detail during the tour. And some times this is a little exhausting and some times it is also more expensive that going on the tours with all the inclusions. You get the bus, the entrance fees, the guide, the food and all this at 1 only price. (Is very important always to check what does the tour you are buying includes).

Remind this

I want to remind you that there are other places that you can visit such as ecological Tours, Extreme Tours, cultural Tours , areological tours that are very important and interesting and that we will be talking about in a next opportunity.

There are some tours that I always recommend and I guarantee you will enjoy with your family:

About this and other destinations I will tell you later and also I will tell you how you can get the best rates in Cancun and also where you can find discounts up to 50%.

See you soon with more recommendations.