Is Cancun safe?

how safe is cancun


Is it safe to travel to Cancun?

The answer is yes. The security of visitors is a priority here, not only for the government, but also for business people and the local population. Tourism supplies jobs and pays salaries throughout the state of Quintana Roo. Cancun is the most popular tourism destination in Mexico and it plays an important role as a source of tourism income.


Cancun is home to over 500,000 inhabitants, of which the majority are hardworking, honest people that live in downtown Cancun and the surrounding area, far from the Hotel Zone. Unfortunately like all big cities, Cancun has it's share of undesirable thieves and opportunists. You can avoid unwanted surprises by following these common sense precautions:


  • Do not wear expensive jewelry or carry expensive electronics or accessories.
  • Avoid carrying a lot of cash and/or flaunting it.
  • Don't put your wallet in your back pocket.
  • Go out with another person or a group, especially if you decide to leave the Hotel Zone while you are not on a guided tour.
  • Do not leave your purse, wallet or cellphone on the table in restaurants, cafes, nightclubs and other establishments. 
  • Pay attention to your surroundings, not only for suspicious actions, sounds or scenes, but in order to learn more about the local customs and culture.
  • Avoid areas outside of the Hotel Zone and downtown Cancun.
  • If you have consumed a lot of alcohol, stay in. Please note, the minimum drinking age in Mexico is 18.
  • Do not buy, carry or consume illegal substances.

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