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What’s the Weather like in Cancun?

We know that all Cancun travelers are visiting us seeking SUNSHINE and the Cancun weather forecast is of major importance when planning a vacation. In general, the weather in Cancun is pretty much “perfect”, warm temperatures and a lot of sun. The semi-tropical climate means a Cancun average temperature of 78 F/ 26 C, ideal for all your exciting tours and activities or just laying on the beach in sunny days for the best time to travel to cancun!






 Rainy season in Cancun?

The rainy season in Cancun is regularly located in autumn, between the months of September and October. But do not worry! Regularly, the rains come and go and they can't even get anyone out of the pool or out of the sea. The climate change is like this, suddenly it can rain without warning and in five minutes you will see the sunny sky and even rainbows. Your waiter will be ready to bring you another ceviche and another beer in less than you imagine.

Cancun and the Riviera Maya and now Tulum have become very famous for their beautiful and warm climate, which together with the transparent water of the Caribbean makes it a top 10 destination in the world. You really will always have things to do in whatever weather you are in and enjoy your vacation. If it is cloudy, ideal for visiting archaeological sites, if it is sunny to go to Isla Mujeres on a catamaran or fishing or snorkeling or even diving, if it rains it is best to visit the cenotes that are in caverns or ATV motorcycles with the mud etc.

It is the destination par excellence that you must enjoy to the fullest.

What is the temperature in Cancun?

The average temperature in Cancun is 78 F/ 26 C, but it will have highs up to 90 F/ 32 C or more in the summer and lows down to 70 F/ 21 C. In rare cases the temperatures will drop lower but it is very uncommon! The winter months you may want to pack a sweater or light jacket for the cooler evenings, but no parkas are necessary. The water temperature is always nice to get in the sea, the best time to go to cancun is all the year.


 Best time to visit Cancun?

Anytime, you are always welcome, there is really no BAD time to visit Cancun! In terms of Cancun weather, the best time to visit is during the dry, cool season, during the months of January to April you can count on great temps and little to no rain. The Cancun humidity is highest in the summer months with the heat but you can always refresh in the sea or the pool. Then all the year is the best time to go tu Cancun. The high season or peak season is in summer, but you can get great deals at september. If you are looking for some action, you are going to love the spring break.

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